"An intriguing combination of gritty neo-noir and romantic magical realism 'A Nasty Piece of Work' shines a light on the  dark underworld of obsession, fetishism, and BDSM lurking under the sunny skies of Los Angeles. While providing many of the expected pleasures of film noir and neo-noir, it also offers many surprises for both the average viewer, and the dedicated 'noir nerd.' While there is darkness aplenty, in addition to the expected noir cynicism and fatalism, there are also elements of sentiment, dreams and magic, and even a kind of optimism amidst the secret midnight desires and emotional violence.  To the gritty hard boiled realism of noir, the film adds moments of the surrealism of magical realism, such as one sees in the works of recent Mexican directors such as Cuaron, Inarritu and del Toro. An additional pleasant surprise is the multi-ethnic cast. The film creates a global and inclusive "noir world"  that accurately reflects the contemporary cultural diversity of 21st century Los Angeles.

                                      - Paul Backer 

​                                      Professor of Theatre

                    University of Southern California


Nasty Piece of Work spins a tale of the gritty and sublime, fetish and transformation, love and obsession, delicate and profane, in the city of Los Angeles.

 a dark night of the soul


delving into the decadent underworld of fetish and BDSM.

Nasty Piece of Work Film 

 Celestino Cornielle ...Joseph Lanza 
 Sam Aotaki ...Lili Ha 
Raffaela Perra O'Neill ...Adrienne Barzini 
 Eric Dean ...Ray Herrera 
B.D. Freakin ...Del Delgado 
 Gene Welch ...Glenn Pardo 
 David Villada ...Javier 
 Minnie Scarlet ...Vickie 
 Ricardo Higareda ...Angelface 
 Naiia Lajoie ...Jennifer Herrera 
Amaris Ultreras ...Alma Herrera 
 Luciana Lagana ...Mrs. Barzini 
 Mark Anthony Collins Jr. ...Cliff 
 Lorielle New ...
Jenna the Cowgirl 
Lola Lalone ...Waitress Nina 
 Vincen Ross ...Jerry 
Howard McNair ...
 Mke Firek ...Father Demarest 
Other cast:
 Mindy Robinson ...Nurse Lola 
 Holly Harris ...Club Domme 
 Vera Vanguard ...Club Domme 
Haesun Woo ...Club Reveler 
David Tenenbaum ...Club Reveler 
 Joshua Charles ...Club Reveler 
 Monica Acuna ...Clownilyn Monroe 
 Isaiah Umana ...Young Joseph 
 Michael Stephens ...Club DJ